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Replica Air Pistol & Tactical Air Rifle Training

Replica Air Pistol & Tactical Air Rifle Training

Think is about time we talked about the elephant in the room, defensive shooting.You can call it many things, defensive, practical or tactical, but what your doing is training to use a weapon to neutralise a threat. Before handguns were banned in the U.K. it was still illegal to carry for self defence or use them to defend home and even loved ones. That said, even in countries where you can the number of civilians who have actually had to do just that is incredibly small.Returning to the UK for now why then do individuals participate in the discipline?Why even ask? The simple answer, and if your reading this you already understand, is a love of guns. On the most basic level of human emotions pulling the trigger on a firearm is up there, it's existing and sexy, a pure rush.

Even when you consider (or because of) that the gun was invented for a single purpose - to end life.As already stated handguns are taboo in the U.K. but we are allowed low power air pistols. When I got into Airguns I was amazed, and a little shocked, that is was possible to own a replica so close to the original firearm it was difficult to tell them apart even down to functionality. So whilst they look the part most shoot bb's through a smooth bore barrel so accuracy must be in question over, let's say, 10-15 yards. Let's shoot then at closer range and include speed to the mix.Over what are real world defensive shooting distances (close up and dirty) and where pin point accuracy is not required so much the various replicas available are more than adequate for the job.

At this point it can all fall apart because most have never handled a real gun let alone pull the trigger on one so their entireunderstanding comes from Hollywood or TV. Its very easy to miss, even at the close ranges we are talking about. Shooting is a skill which will take work and a grasp of the 'fundamentals'. Above all it takes practice.Obtaining a proper sight picture, grip, trigger pull, recoil management (with blow-back pistols) are the basic fundamentals. Any one of these can affect another and, ultimately the final shot placement.Rapid Airgun Training offers a program for the novice to get that little bit more from their replica air pistol covering safety, understanding, fundamentals and the mechanics. It's fun too!