Rapid Airgun Training

Range Safety,Covid 19...

Please read before visiting the range, thank you.

Range Safety

What You Need To Know About Range SafetyTreat every airgun as if it were loaded. Double check it especially when receiving an airgun from someone else.Never point an airgun, either loaded or unloaded, at any person.Always keep the airgun pointed in a safe direction, down the range.Keep your finger off the trigger until you are aiming at the target and about to shoot.Appropriate eye protection to be worn on the range at all times.

Airguns that are not in use should always be unloaded.No airgun is to be left unattended.Only cock or load an airgun when you are shooting at your chosen target.If you encounter any problems with your airgun please mention this to the instructors before attempting to resolve the issue yourself.Do not rely on an airgun's ‘safety’.Break barrels airguns, hold the barrel while loading!Under lever airguns, hold the lever while loading!Never leave an airgun unattended

Under lever airguns, hold the lever while loading!Do not ‘walk’ onto the range to reset or change targets etc. until all airguns have been unloaded, checked and placed on the shooting table unloaded and you have been given permission to do so.The shooting of live quarry is forbidden.You must hold valid insurance to shoot the range unless under instruction.Stop shooting immediately when requested to do so.Shoot safely and respect other shooters.

Covid 19 Guidelines

What you need to know about Covid 19 guidelines on the range.To maintain the safety of our staff and other shooters.Online bookings only, your preferred date and start time will hopefully be accommodated. All payments to be made online on the website to secure booking.On arrival please remain in your car.It is mandatory you wear suitable face masks/face coverings throughout your stay.You will be directed to a car parking space. Once parked, you can leave your car and head towards the 'reception' area.Safety glasses to be worn at all times.There will be hand sanitizer in various areas and on the shooting benches for your personal use.Antibacterial wipes will be available on the shooting benches, shooters arerequested to wipe down the area used, both at the start and finish of their session.Practice social distancing at all times on the range, 2 metres.Only use your own guns and equipment.Please do not come if you or anyone in your household is feeling ill, however minor.Two members from the same household are allowed to shoot together.Please do not eat, drink, smoke, vape etc. on the range or close to other shooters. There will be designated areas for these.Do not walk onto the range to reset targets etc, please ask Mark R Heath and he will be happy to oblige.Social distancing still applies, so travel on your own unless two people are coming from the same household.I trust you accept the above guidelines and look forward to seeing you soon, once the range reopens.
Shoot Safe, Stay Safe!